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We're back!

Transit Bikes

Our sign glows and radiates at night

Summer is slowly coming to an end. The season is changing, and so are we. Transit has some new and returning faces, Lowest Greenville has continued to grow, and the East Dallas neighborhoods have brought people in from Chicago, Portland, New Orleans and California. We are a booming city!  Our commutes are an inspiring improvement due to the newly developing infrastructure and increase in cycling awareness from motor vehicles. Even though we are in our infancy as a cycling city, it is indeed an exciting time to be on a bike in Dallas. 

Maybe you're here because you've seen these roving groups of impossibly good-looking humans out there, trail-blazing and navigating the urban realms of Dallas' many streets on  lovingly-appointed bicycles, youthful, carefree, and car-free, and you've maybe wondered, secretly longed, or whole-heartedly ached to join them. Perhaps you've thought to yourself that a few weekly social rides might be just the ticket to bridging the gap between you and the rest of the cycling community. We thought the same thing.


The longest standing Transit social ride is our Taco Tuesday ride; we meet up at the shop (1915 Greenville Ave.) and take off around 7:30 PM to head towards a predetermined taco stand. Lately we've been going to the top 10 taquerías  in Dallas. Rides will vary in length and time but have been an average of 15 miles with a casual pace for all skill levels. This is a no drop, no show off,  just fun, ride. Expect to ride with front and rear lights, as the ride continues into the night.  Our rides are very friendly, and you get to join our staff for the fun, and meet friendly new faces of folks who also share your love of socializing, riding, and well, tacos.

If you ride mountain bikes or even like to expand your cyclocross adventures, we have a treat for you. Just recently, a few of us decided to meet at various DORBA trailheads on Sunday mornings. Trail meet ups will be announced on our Facebook page. Ride time is generally between 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM depending on location.

Currently, Monday evenings we have a ladies-only ride; our very own ladies lead the ride and take off around 7:30 PM. They've been know to enjoy the social drink or two, accompanied by jazz or dancing, after the ride ends. Give us a call if you want more information on current week's intended ride length, or if you are interested in taking the lead one week!

A few bikes from our Taco Tuesday ride.

A few bikes from our Taco Tuesday ride.

A few of our friends, enthusiasts and employees out on our many social rides.

A few of our friends, enthusiasts and employees out on our many social rides.

Our shop would like to take this time to thank all of our wonderful customers, and enthusiasts who come support us. Expanding and relocating, we have been welcomed by the neighbors in Lowest Greenville and have been empowered to nestle into our cozy quirky space while providing a comfortable atmosphere for everyone to come in and drop a line, or a bike. Thank y'all.

Stay tuned for the newest line of Transit apparel. (Rumors of the elusively exclusive 'Ride.' tees are floating within the shop). We also have a new Dallas friend, alias Heavy Hands, who is creating a cycling specific line of tanks and tees, possibly long-sleeves for the somewhat cooler months. We love supporting local small businesses and love to see more bicycle specific quality products being generated.